About the Californian in Paris

La Petite Californienne: Who is Daisy?


Hello! My name is Daisy Crawford.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my blog…

Before moving to France, I had the ultimate American life: a master’s degree, a well paying job, living in a big city close to family. And I was in the sunniest state of all, California. Beaches, good weather, nature, Hollywood… all these amazing places were at my fingertips. However, I had never really traveled abroad and I was getting antsy as I slowly reached my late twenties. 

During the ever increasing traffic jams and three hour commutes, the 50+ hour per week job with less than 14 days of vacation, and people coming and going in the Hollywood scene, I came up with an incredible dream. I wanted a new beginning. A different story. 

France was always an idea floating in my head. Romantic cobblestone streets, a charming Frenchman, and endless cheese and bread. I thought, why the hell not? My friends told me I was crazy.

So there I was, recently an art school MFA graduate, giving up a good job and all my precious belongings to move abroad. The future was uncertain for the first time in my life. And yet, in less than 2 months of moving to France, I found amazing opportunities, new friends, and even a boyfriend! Somehow I managed to get a long stay visa and made it all work out. My new story was finally beginning.

As for cooking, I had always wanted to master it but I had been so busy with L.A. life. In Los Angeles, my produce rotted in the fridge and my pilled dishes in the sink became paper plates for take out. All of this changed when I lived with a French family for a cultural exchange while doing the TAPIF program (Teaching American Program in France). The family opened my eyes to the splendid world of food culture in France.

I learned to appreciate food like never before: caring about where produce came from, emulating how other French families cook, and carefully taking the advice of local vendors. My first experiments were terrible— too much salt, fat, or sugar. I had to get rid of all that American takeout on my palate.

Cooking has become my zen, my place of tranquility and pleasure. Of course, there are stressful times when you’re put on the spotlight to cook for a dinner party. But in the end, the smiles of happy guests make my heart feel good.

In this blog, you’ll find some of my daily adventures. I’m often traveling throughout Europe and the U.S. I love to give travel advice whenever I can. For my recipes, you’ll also see that I try to use some of best products around, and often at a reasonable price. Good food should be available to everyone. Not all of us can afford organic food or even have the precious time to cook something very elaborate. I try to make my recipes simple, with a new outlook on traditional French cooking. There may be a few American recipes here in the future (with less fat!)

All photographs and recipes are created by me. My special co-collaborator is my boyfriend, Petit Copain, who works very hard alongside me. He is my food-taster, critic, co-photographer, and proofreader. I’m very lucky to have a great camera, a stocked kitchen, and a wonderful adventurer at my side.

I hope you’ll enjoy my stories. Come with me to Paris or L.A. Or better yet, let’s meet up halfway!